Our number one cause why human beings don’t heal for the extended term. We already went through number three being the circumstance that we don’t capture personal responsibility. Number two, our mentality is the circumstance that we reckon we demand to be ‘fixed’ or there’s a ‘quick fix’ outside there. Mark blank. Number one. Number one cause why everyone stays in pain for the extended term: We do not communicate with our body. Our body is an alternating device. It always changes. So if you throw something at it, it’s going to adapt and alter. And what we see is just the alter. And then we reckon, ‘Oh, everything’s all excellent. It changed. It stopped doing what it was doing before.’ However all that’s like is, if a baby is crawling to a blaze socket, an electrical socket, all we’re doing is going, ‘Oh wait, let’s alter its direction,’ and it goes this path. So we alter the baby, like, ‘Yay, we got him away from the blaze socket,’ however small do we know, we pointed him at the following blaze socket. That’s all we do. More information: theta