prosperityIs John Assaraf’s method going to change your financial situation?

As I was working on promoting John Assaraf’s master workshop, I was wondering how he is going to deal with the fact that not one person in the history of self-improvement has ever changed their relationship to money as a result of brain entrainment or whatever the hell these gurus are doing.

I have actually been testing and testing energetically if it is possible. I have actually even had programs where I used words … and I have quit on them.

Words, although they could bring your redemption, are nowadays the opponent. The mind gives the words, the mind receives the words, and all you get is the arrogant knowledge that the mind recognized them.

However herein lies the problem: the mind can not translate the words to actions, or to being, or even to mindsets. Not your mind, and not my mind.

The mind is a storage device, and it does it well. However translate? It cannot do it.

And the distinction in between individuals who make money and the people that don’t generate income, is always, but not solely their actions.

However wherein come your actions? As it turns out, actions are directly originating from a set of guidelines you non-verbally set up as a youngster, possibly even an infant, rules that spelled out ways to win in life, which, at that time indicated remaining on the good side of your mother, be fed, be discovered … since that is what is essential to a child.

You made your options based on exactly what you could see at the time, and now you are playing it out. You are playing out the policies, and you are playing out the condition that justify those rules.

If the occasion was that you were stupid … then you need to be dumb again … and at the same time rally to be something else … kind, loving, weeping, whatever the rulebook states.

Nothing quite what you have to generate income. Or have genuine love in your life. Or drop weight, or the many other things you want to have however have not.

I found that this rule-book thingie, an energy, you don’t save in your mind. You save someplace in your body … and I can discover it, find it, and … await it … PULL IT.

Draw it, eliminate it, energetically, like you draw a weed or an attachment. And like a weed, it needs to be drawn carefully, and sometimes it needs to be drawn consistently.

I have drawn mine and about 20 of my students’ between the other day and today.

I was stunned at my outcome … I in fact have been doing actions that trigger individuals to comment (never ever before were they eager!) and think in actions, instead of judgments or desires.

Too early to celebrate … however the signs of something that in fact works are there.